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Thorne Ambassador

Great news, everyone! I’ve elected to become an ambassador for Thorne, a wellness company that produces supplements and health tests that are widely used by athletes and patients looking to gain control over their health. I’ve been using some of their supplements for a while, and when I really started looking into what was in my supplements, I found that they put some of the most care into choosing their ingredients of any company I could find, so I reached out and requested to be able to support them.

On my new storefront on their site, you can see a few of the products I take, but of course what you need may be completely different! That’s why I also include links to a huge list of products and tests that may be helpful for a wide variety of situations, but I only included ones that I was relatively comfortable recommending, if you and/or your doctor have determined that you may need them. Sometimes you can test for a need, sometimes you simply have to try them, but always make sure you go about it safely, please.

Check out my storefront here: (this is of course an affiliate link)

You can also see the quizzes they offer to help you choose what’s right for you! Check those out here:

Feel free to message me anytime on any of my social media handles if you have any questions, or of course reach out directly to Thorne as well!

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