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Welcome To My Website!

Work in Progress (words on a wrench)

So I have to confess, I’ve tried this before, and I’ve kept it up for a while and then gotten burned out. I’m going to do my best to not let that happen again, mostly by letting myself have more variety of subjects to talk about. So, that means you’ll see everything from my designs and products posted here (as in t-shirts, bags, pillows, etc with my funny, inspirational, and just weird graphics printed on them, available for sale at a number of marketplaces), to reviews of products I’ve tried (or occasionally ones I haven’t tried, but have researched), to sharing giveaways I’ve found online (I enter sometimes hundreds of giveaways a day, and get some pretty good wins sometimes, though it certainly doesn’t replace a day job, or even a side hustle). I’ll also talk about my life some, from my health (which isn’t good), to my family (who are awesome), to my main job (which is really fun), and anything else that comes to mind.

If you have any comments, questions, criticisms, or queries, keep them to yourself put them in the comments here, or drop me a message using the Contact page or any of my social media platforms!

I’ll end this here with a simple link to one of my designs on Amazon, one of my favorites. It’s my most bold and bright probably, and while it bears some resemblance to the logo of a certain local soccer club, it actually was meant to resemble Aslan from the Chronicles of Narnia series. I have this shirt, in purple no less, and wear it quite often! I get a lot of compliments when I do! You can purchase it from any of my sites, all linked from my home page (I’ll get links into the sidebar soon as well).

Standard disclaimer: this link, like most of the links I will be posting, is an affiliate link, meaning I earn a small commission from anything you purchase after clicking it (even if you browse to other products, as long as you don’t close the window and then go back to Amazon later from a differently link or directly from their homepage). I also produced that design using their Merch on Demand program, meaning I get royalties when it sells, even if you don’t use my link to purchase it. This disclaimer meets the FTC guidelines.

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